Branding • Art Direction • Packaging

Eight is crafted from 8 essential ingredients to promote a healthy lifestyle. We use coconut water as a base, and extracts from decadent fruits and herbs to revitalize your day. A healthy lifestyle is only an Eight away.


When creating an organic beverage brand, we thought about all the possibilities that our consumer would consider when shopping in their local market. Beginning with defining our demographics, psychographics, store audits and competitor analysis, we determined that coconut water best suited our clientele.

Coconut water rehydrates the body, relieves headaches and already contains may nutrients that promote a healthy lifestyle. We wanted the brand to stand for something. To create a positive message to consumers that healthy living isn't difficult, and tasty too.


While exploring names for this new brand, we researched many options that promoted a feeling of "organic" and "healthy". However all seemed a little cliche. We considered eight, while researching information on healthy living. As some may know, health professionals suggest that a person should drink 8fl oz. of 8 glasses of water a day. This was it. We knew that "Eight" should be the name and most promotional aspect of our brand.


Design collaboration:
Jonathan Conrad - Lead Designer, Conceptualizer
Dasha Buduchina - Lead Designer, Researcher
Maggie Lo - Analytics, Researcher
Courtney Smith - Lead Copy, Auditor