This personal series of artifacts, reflects my goals and aspirations, not only as a designer, but as a person. I assume much like many other creatives, I am, and have always been inspired by the art of film. I am also inspired by the New York School and New Typography School of thought from the 1940-50's time period.

Items in this system are all original imagery and packaging. Accompanying each artifact is a manifesto statement that correlates in some way to its meaning.


Make Plans. Keep Plans.

Making plans and keeping them is a self goal of mine. Not just for a work career, but in my everyday life as well. I would much rather take a day for myself, in place of plans that I had made. In terms of a personal manifesto, this statement speaks truth to making plans to do anything; whether it be a creative task, scheduling a meeting, sending out emails, connecting with people, anything. Taking full advantage of the world around you is vital in keeping a successful career.


Be More Culturally Aware.

As we're currently living in a country under extreme pressure and trouble, it's not hard to stay in tune to what's happening in the nation. However the world has many more issues that reside outside our borders, and knowing about what's happening can become extremely important in creating design to spread the word. Personally and professionally, I wish for everyone to let themselves become more in touch with the world and the present, past and future events.


Always Support Those
Who Have Supported You.

Family and friends aren't the only people helping you from your childhood to college and beyond. Think about all the people you encounter who help with your everyday tasks, furthering your careers, and helping you create better work. These are the people who should be appreciated as you move through life, never forget those who stood by you, every step of the way, and support them as need be.


Adapt or Die.

As students we know that learning new and innovate ways to express our designs is the key to success. I firmly believe that as working professionals, we need to buckle down and adapt to anything the world throws at us. Either that, or get out, because agencies are always going to want the best and the brightest,
it might as well be you.


Don't Wait for Opportunity.
Make Your Own.

Waiting for opportunity to knock at your front door, is just as bad as doing nothing at all. This message is career focused goal, to create opportunites when there are none, and not to lose hope when some situations fall short. Everyone can benefit from pushing themselves to create better situations and furthering their creative careers.

Get out there and create a name and image for yourself.